Some thoughts about tourism in Comuna Sandulesti

One Group one Guide one Package

A tourism project with almost NO investments of money.

The only investment of money for the one who established him- or herself as a package guide is a homepage and some few flyers with maps for the tours in the area and folders to place at other tourist destinations.
The rest is an investment of time.
The guide arrange tourist packages for groups of tourists, and she/he makes their stay pleasant with tours, events and arrangements coming as a nice flow during their stay. The guide receive payment for hers/his guiding and arrangement. The rest (bus/car, accommodation, entrances) is paid directly to the involved people. That means: No or a minimal risk!

The guide
A full time job for one person for the six summer months every year.

She/he must

  • be extrovert and friendly

  • speak quite good English

  • be a good organizer

  • be very outreaching to find costumers

The job
The guide offers a well organized "package tour"
Make your own example
(e.g. Cheile Turenilor, Cheile Turzii, The Salt mines, Potaissa, an old village like Podeni)
Barbecue in Cheile Turenilor is a must

Each step and each visit must be planned to work perfect => perfect PR for the guiding and the tour.

The guide joins the group during the whole stay, primary directly, otherwise immediately available on a telephone to assist if necessary. Figuratively: The guide must "lead the group by the hand" during their stay and offer nice and kind support.

The guide arrange accommodation and meals.

The guide arrange external guiding if necessary (e.g.. in the salt mines).

The guide arrange special events (horse carriage tour, traditional dance, visiting market, make a deal with a shepherd...)

The guide arrange walks in the hills (for instance a walk from Copaceni to Tureni) - depending on the wishes, age and constitution of the group members.

Every day and every event is organized by the guide.

Small build in surprises (e.g. the girl from the dancing group suddenly appearing and singing somewhere on the rout) are always welcome and will be remembered by the customers long time after their wonderful experiences in the Comuna Sandulesti area :-)



A realistic example for the guide could be:
25 Euro per day for the group + 4 Euro per person in the group per day.

Besides the tourist must pay for entrance, food, accommodation, external guiding and so on.

A part of the package is a total price for the stay (accommodation, meals, tours, entrances...). This calculation must be done very carefully and correct.


  • The guide must have her/his own homepage

  • contact potential customers on the internet (FaceBook sites...)

  • make flyers for distribution (at tourist centers like tourist offices, salt mines....)

  • make folders for distribution to the customers

  • make a large sign in Copaceni close to the highway 


Special packages

Photo Hunting

A lot of amateur photographers would love to make portraits of interesting persons, but that may be difficult in their own town. 
The guide could offer "photo hunting stays".


Contact photo clubs (via FaceBook) in Europe and offer them to explore authentic Romanian culture with their cameras.

Make deals with old people who are ready to open their home for small groups of photographers and with people who are ready to be models in their home, in their village, on the street, in the nature and so on.

Make a deal with a shepherd about photography.

Find interesting sceneries in the landscape for photography in sunset and sunrise.

Find attractive objects in the landscape, in an old village and in a city for photography.

Beside the "photo hunting" this group of tourists are also normal tourists, and this package therefore also has components from the standard tourist package. 

Citizens in Comuna Sandulesti may now establish rooms, shops, horse carriages and other services for the tourist groups (and for other tourists).


Advanced Guiding - Designed Guiding

Developing the guiding business could include guiding based upon wishes from individual groups of customers - we could call it Designed Guiding