Bed & Breakfast
by Ivan Andersen

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I have researched on the Internet, and as far as I can see you don't have "Bed & Breakfast" i Romania.

Comuna Sandulesti could be the first place with B&B-offers!

What is "Bed & Breakfast" as it works in Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany and other European countries?

In your private house you may have one or two rooms which you need not to use in the summer semester (April-October). You may then rent the room (rooms) out to tourists and earn good money by offering beds and perhaps also breakfast to people during the summer. 

An example:
One night stay could be 85 to 90 Ron + 20 to 25 Ron for breakfast.
You rent out one room for 30 nights with two persons in average (some times one person, sometimes a couple and sometime a family of four persons). It is 5000 to 6000 Ron for one summer. 
Your expenses: Some electricity and (hot) water. So you will have a nice profit (perhaps 4000 ron) from your room, but of course also some work to do when you have guests in your room(-s).

Have a look here:  to watch an example from my area. The lady who is running this B&B has also made a small shop to earn a little extra money from the tourists.

Do you think that B&B would be and idea in your villages? Or would it be to intimidating having tourists in your private home??
Please write your opinion about B&B in Comuna Sandulesti :-)
With love from my small village, Krejbjerg