by Ivan Andersen

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About crafts, traditions and selling products

There are two main reasons to be interested in crafts: You may make things for yourself, your family and your friends or you may want to sell your things.
In both cases you must make things which the receivers like. For private use you have immediately response from the users and therefore you easily can make your things useful for the users. You can base your products on local traditions and wishes which you already know.
For sales it is something else: You must be aware of the costumers taste, their wishes and the general fashion, and if the costumers are from other countries you must study the fashion there.
This is the reason why I say: Stik to your traditions, but also build upon your traditions and design new and chic products for the costumers who want modern things. If you cannot sell your things they probably are not the right products for the actual costumers.

Remember: Storytelling is a major part of every product regardless of if it is crafts, landscapes, rooms or dinners.



May I propose a project group working with needlework. I think there is a great potential here.
I have a lot of additional ideas to this subject.
I have written the text as if was a citizen from your village :-)

Idea and objective:
In Romania we have very strong traditions for making needlework. Building on these traditions we will establish a local shop with modern needlework products and also a webshop with the same products. 
The local shop is first of all thought to be connected to the developing tourist business in Comuna Sandulesti. 
From the webshop the products are sold worldwide and the products are produced both locally and also anywhere in Romania. In other words: Our webshop is going to be a national platform for worldwide trade with modern Romanian needlework!





Glassware is popular in connection with tourists, but there are things to be aware of. Tourists are first of all going to travel either with plane, bus or private car, and big glass things are a little difficult to handle especially if you are going by plane.
I would recommend small things (max. 10 cm) in robust boxes.

As for all things to be sold: The customers must like it! If they are Romanians the glasware must be in Romanian taste. If they are from other countries you may watch the Internet to find the theire national taste.

The very best glass products may be those which are a interesting combination of Romanian traditions and modern design. Try that :-)

The boxes might be small wood boxes with the brand stamped into the wood with a glowing iron stamp. It gives the product a quality look. The box could be lined with paper from newspapers (a little build in story).
Besides: remember the piece of paper with the story behind the product or behind the glasswork - story telling is important :-)




Miniature painting in frames could be a popular thing for tourists. Especially religious icons are popular and in a way an "evergreen".



Wood carving

From the wood carver in Copaceni