Mayor Augustin Duca's visit in Skive Kommune 
August 2012 with his daughter Angela as a translator

- A brief presentation by Ivan Andersen -

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Monday: Energy meeting with energy coordinator in Skive Kommune, Karl Krogshede.
He promised to cause calculations for a possible biogas plant in Copaceni in connection with the big cow farm.

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Monday: Meeting with the mayor in Skive Kommune. He promised assistance with certain fondraising in connection with the EU and 
cooperation in respect to single projects.


Monday: Meeting with the chairman of ecological farmers in Denmark, Evald Vestergaard. He showed the small dairy connected with his ecological cow farm. He also sketched the possibilities for establishing a dairy in Comuna Sandulesti.

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Tuesday: Meeting "Duddine", a very creative lady with a lot of inspiration for new ways of creative needlework. In her shop is a lot of examples on her creativity. 
Here Mr. Duca was also interviewed to the Danish Radio (DR), the national broadcasting.


Tuesday: Visiting "Junget Camping" runned by Lisbeth and Peter Haubo. They told about running a camping site with a lot of side activities.


Tuesday: Visiting a biogas plant and a windmill in Skive Kommune.





wednesday: Visiting Jacob Jensen Design, an industrial design firm - ranks in the top ten list in the world. The director told about the firm an presented the show room. He also took his guests to "the holy of Holies" his studio - a place to where only a few are invited.





Thursday: Mr. Finn Andersen showed examples of what the citizen association in his village (Rødding - 1200 inhabitants) has succeded in establishing thanks to engagement from the local people. Afterwards he told a lot about the importance of making a citizen association and establishing working groups of citizens in the village.



Friday: Visiting "Forglemmigej" (in English: "Forget-me-not"), a second hand shop in the village Rødding. A lady, Bente, told a lot about the way they run this shop. Every earned penny from there goes to helping purposes in the Turda area.



Friday: Only a short time were left for tourist activities during Mr. Duca's and Angela's visit in Skive Kommune. But some few are shown on the photos: 

On the top of the City Hall in Skive
Visiting the monastery, Ørslevkloster.
Visiting Friskolen i Skive
Visiting a marina in the area (also established by active groups of local citizens).
Visiting a glass blower, Helledie, in Skive.
Visiting an old castel close to Rødding.