"We Want"
by Ivan Andersen

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Mr. Karl Krogshede recommended to add an extra and very important part to the presentaion which Mr. Duca and Angela brought with them from Comuna Sandulesti. He called it "We-Want-To".
I (Ivan) have written down some keywords which perhaps could be used for that new part of the presentation. This is only examples. You may find a lot of other keywords!

Comuna Sandulesti 
Model municipality for rural development in Europe
“We want” - a package solution

- High ambitions - realistic ways -

Parts of the total project can be done with minimal investments, and they will be effectuated as soon as possible.

Other sub projects need a high degree of research, planning, designing and also large investments. Those project will be planned in a longer perspective and with more partners from outside Comuna Sandulesti, such as e.g. the county, the state, EU and private partners and investors. 

Municipal management 
The mayor and the six councilors make the frames and overall planning for the municipality in respect of the Citizen Association and active groups of citizens who are working sith specific projects in Comuna Sandulesti.

Citizen influence 
Citizen association: Any citizen in Comuna Sandulesti can become a member – the association make social arrangements, take initiatives to improve development, negotiate with the mayor and the council and with other authorities.
[As Citizen associations are unusual in Romania maybe project groups are in the beginning easier to establish] 
Project groups: Volunteers works with specific projects.]
Private activities: firms or single families and persons take initiatives which improve development of the village.

International teamwork
It may be inspiring to establish project teams with both members from Comuna Sandulesti and Denmark (if the mayor, local council, the citizen association or other groups of active citzens want so).

Tourism will be a major activity in the future Comuna Sandulesti.
Keywords for developing tourism:
Private accommodation
Bed and Breakfast
Camping site with shops and activities, tents, cabins, shelters
Farm tourism – children can participate in agriculture activities
Active tourism – groups and families can participate in workshops
Nature tourism – walking tours (with or without guide – folderes with tours are available), climbing…..
Horse riding 
Horse carriages tours to tourist targets
Guided tours within a radius of 50 kms in English - culture, nature everyday life
Rent a bike
Shelters in the village and in nature
A mini-mini zoo with small goats, rabbits…. For children
Folders – a broad range of folders telling about tours, places, accommodation …..
Signs and advertizing to lead tourist to the village
Could the schools be used for tourisms (or tourist activities) in the summer holiday?
Camping Site: The local council make the framework: A place for camping with infrastructure, overall conditions…
Private people establish the camping site as a firm.

In connection with the tourism one or more shop can be established to supply and satisfy the tourists and to generate jobs and income in the municipality.

A lot of research and discussions in the citizen association (or project groups) will lead to new ideas and new opportunities for tourism in the areas (e.g. winter tourism). A standing project group may be established with citizens who are interested.

Everything must be well planned and with high standard all over

Adult education in the winter evenings will be established to improve general knowledge and enlightening - we use that very much in Denmark, it is called evening school.
In specific English teaching will be offered to improve possibilities for international connections and tourism.

The local council find out if the national electrical supply system is suitable for connecting wind and solar power supply.
The local council initiates if there are localities suitable for producing wind energy.
Solar cell on roofs, on fields
Solar heaters for hot water supply
Cooperation with private farmers is vital. Basic calculations must be done to see if a project is profitable. 
A local industry/activity could be
Restoring existing buildings from an energy perspective
Developing new standard for buildings in the respect of energy preserving. 

Private firms and shops – ideas and inspiration for people interested in entrepreneurship

Computer repairing shop
IT firm (making homepages and apps)
Energy engineering 
Glass blowing
Needle work shop
Crafts shop
Grocery store
Second hand shops
farmers producing special wool from certain goats and sheeps
The list never finishes 

Main project – “Garden of Traditions” developed by “Tradition Keepers Association”

Music in the church – in nature – in the schools
Events to also attract people from outside the municipality and tourists
Winter activities in both schools
Improve the possibilities for sports and other spare time activities.

The local council establish the basic infrastructure in the village